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PAWA Club Member In Need Of Help New Page – Antennas Take Down 

From: Club Member – N1UMJ – John

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Sent By Mike – N1NTM 

Date  – Thursday, January 11, 2024 

To – Team PAWA, With Details and information below 

Hi Everyone 

I’m not sure when yet but my roof is being replaced. Before
then, I need a couple people to help pull down my 2-meter beam. I
guess that means ai need to put the packet antenna back up to the way
it was but that’s easy. The big thing is going to be the 2-meter beam
I just don’t wand roofers messing with it. Right now, it’s on packet, I
wasn’t using it enough though to be worth the effort of putting it
back up, it’s on packet right now because my packet antenna went bad
but I have that fixed ready to go back up. The beam is very light,
very simple, the rotator is overkill to the max, that’s going to be
heavy, and the tripod is light really not something I need a huge crew
but I don’t do roofs, more than happy to be ground crew maybe 2 guys
should be able to do this, one on roof, one on the ground. Should be
longer to get the ladder up and down, I’d
very heavily doubt if I’m putting that back on the new roof, and I
don’t think the HOA will let me put it anywhere else. Hmmm, for that
matter, if I’m not putting it back up the hardline for the beam, yes, I
did that, might be even better for the packet antenna. Something to
think about for sure since the line is already there. I can reroute it
to where the packet antenna goes.

Thank you, N1UMJ – John

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