Two Great Activations From The Azores By PAWA Team KC1QDZ – Jim -2-15-24

Two great activations from the Azores so far, many more to come! Yesterday I was at CU-0183 on Sao Miguel. I had very good luck into Europe on 15m, including two P2Ps with Steffen Mania and one with Doug Wickman W4ILJ. Ten meters was a little less good, but still managed to hit up and down the East Coast and into the Midwest.

Today on Faial I was at CU-0272, which is an interpretive center commemorating the 1959 eruption of the Caphelinos volcano. This eruption sent 4,000 residents of Faial, including my future mother-in-law, to the USA. Ten meters was excellent today, and I was able to work into Wyoming as well as Europe, including a QSO with Christian Diemoz IX1CKN.

CU-0272 features a lighthouse that was (and remains) half buried by ash and lava. The ocean water is the most remarkable shade of azure blue. Carbs are big here, and every meal comes with potatoes, fries, and rice.

Grateful for hunters K2JWD Melvin Markowitz KC1NDQ Fran Kelly and AD4JX Allen Wilson who have caught me at both so far, as has F4ILH Jean Baptiste (but you already knew that, didn’t you?). There may be others, I haven’t studied the logs thoroughly yet.

I’ll be at a two-fer tomorrow from the southwesterly corner of Faial. I hope to get you in my log. 73 and good DX from Jim CT8/KC1QDZ


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