QRT From The Azores With Team Member KC1QDZ – Jim

Hi Everyone
CT8/KC1QDZ QRT from the Azores after a mega-rove across black-sand beaches, tropical fields, and mountain-tops.

I activated 20 references, including 19 ATNOs. I can’t say enough about Faial and Sao Miguel. Before I left, several people told me that the Azores are like Hawaii and Ireland had a baby, and its true – green hillsides, volcanic craters, long stretches of beaches. It is a stunningly beautiful part of the world.

I found propagation a little tricky from two-thirds of the way across the Atlantic. Obviously Europe was easy, but different parts of North America were challenging. When 10m was open I skipped all the way over the continent to the West Coast; 15m was reliable to the East Coast, but only at very specific times. A lot to learn for the next time I’m there.

Huge shout-out to all the hunters! Pilgrim Amateur Wireless Association President Fran Kelly KC1NDQ, F4ILH Jean Baptiste Coppin and Allen Wilson AD4JX caught me at most of the references, well done! I should have most of the logs uploaded later today.

Thanks also to Mike Maciel CU3HY, Kevin Thomas W1DED and Chris Billings WA7RAR for all their good advice. I definitely would have like more operating time, but this was a family trip that allowed my wife to reconnect with her godmother and second cousins. I also had to make sure my four-year-old daughter didn’t fall off a cliff or into a volcano. I got to play radio and I came back still married, so it was a total win.

Special QSL card coming soon. And big
plans for a November European rove! Thanks again and 73 from CT8/KC1QDZ

Overlooking Horta, the capital of Faial. Mount Pico in the distance(Next time for that one

I didn’t think I would get CU-0270, a largely maritime reference, but I was lucky 
enough to find a relatively small part of shoreline included in the park 

No pass-the-mike just yet but soon, I hope!

Near CU-0267, Lomba Grande Protected Area, Faial

May be an image of the Twelve Apostles
My Favorite reference, Cu-0272 Capelinhos Protected Area. Land formed by 
1959 volcanic eruption 

May be an image of 1 person, fog and grass
CU-0277 Paul Pedro Miquel Protected Area. The Ranger Smiled and waved

May be an image of 1 person
Don’t tell me that American Milky Wai is equivalent to the European Mars Bar.
There is no comparison

May be an image of 2 people and people smiling
My highly tolerant XYL and I came back STILL MARRIED

May be an image of 4 people
Long-awaited eyeball QSO among my wife, her godmother, and second cousin 

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  1. carreirocustoms310 - Reply

    Thats awesome..i still have family there.. i remember going back as a kid loved it then…water like nothing ive seen anywhere here… truth be told European living is a whole new level ..its family oriented and good neighborly practices… oh man the sopas festival forget it ….. thank you for sharing this …it personally brings me back …thanks again..73. N1EMD On Sat, Feb 24, 2024, 20:30 Michael Nye <n1ntm@hotmail.com

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