New Communications Update From Team Member W7AAF – Matt For February 28th

Pilgrim Amateur Wireless Association 
    Hi Everyone 
Just wanted to give you all an early heads up that if you constantly monitor my all-star covering the Dighton Berkley somerset lower Taunton radius on 438.800 MHz FM i will be taking that off the air for little bit sometime today around 3PM or so time frame for an upgrade. I ordered an amplifier for my node to turn 0.5W into about 40W and i will be installing that tomorrow it’s on the trucks and will be in tomorrow
I will leave it on the air overnight and all morning but once the amp arrives, I will be taking my node offline for that upgrade which I will let you know when it’s back on the air
73 W7AAF
Co-Engineer of the New England Digital Radio Reflector

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