PAWA Going Forward with Digital for March 3rd

Pilgrim Amateur Wireless Association 


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From PAWA Team Member – KC1RAY – Ray 

For those who want to join Matt, W7AAF for the digital net tonight, I want to clarify how the W Bridgewater Repeater works. This repeater is multi-mode, meaning it can TX/RX on D-star, YSF and DMR. But It can only do one at a time. Having one station on DMR and another on YSF trying to talk on a Net is not going to work. Seeing that most of the locals to the repeater are YSF folks, I would recommend that be the mode used for the Net. If you are a DMR user and do not have hotspot access to TG 3166532, I would recommend you check out this link for access.
Thank you, KC1RAY


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