PAWA New Goals and Achievements Page For March 5th

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Subject: PAWA New Goals and Achievements Page For March 5th


Pilgrim Amateur Wireless Association

Subject – PAWA New Goals And Achievements Page 

For Team Member – W1FIC – Frank

Parks On The Air – Warthog Certificate

For Activating 5 POTA Entities Within One UTC Day

Parks Activated Were 

K-0891, Taunton Scenic River
K-2430, Dighton Rock State Park
K-4699, Berkley State Park 
K-4698, Freetown State Forest
K-2446, Massasoit State Park

Date Achieved – March 4th  

From All Of Our PAWA Club Officers And Members 

Congratulations to Frank awesome job my friend 

Hi Everyone 
It was a great day in the parks with Frank I have been tag teaming with 
Him for almost a year now and it was amazing to watch him as he got on the air working the bands, he sure has come along way wow, way to go
My friend.

He was busy right from the start as he called CQ CQ as we went from park to park working club members and friends the end result was 
He put a total of 82 contacts this included P2P’s for 5 parks, here are some of the contacts that he made 

KC1SJS – Allen – All 5 parks 
KC1NDQ – Fran 
KB1WCK – Joe 
F4ILH – Jean 

This was just a few a Big Thank you to all the activators and hunters who made this rove a success 

I think I learned a few things from him, as we worked as club members
A team and got to be good friends, that is what being a member of the 
PAWA will do it brings us all together along with POTA which offers 
Something for everyone as we enjoy our hobby of ham radio

Thank you Frank, for encouraging us all as you and our mentors show
Us the way, keep up the great work, we are looking forward to 
See what your next adventure will be 

Talk to you soon, my friends, team PAWA
Have a great week

KC1NDQ – Fran – PAWA Club President
N1NTM – Mike – Vice President 
Pilgrim Amateur Wireless Association 

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