PAWA Monday Night 2 Meter Net April 1st, Check In For A Fun Filled Night, Everyone Is Welcome

Pilgrim Amateur Wireless Association 

Subject – PAWA Monday Night 2 Meter Net

146.775mhz NA1R West Bridgewater Repeater

Date – April 1st

Time – 7:00pm

Idea To Get Us Started – Lets have everyone check in

Phonetically with your call sign 

Kilo / Bravo / One / Foxtrot / Zulu / Bravo – Net Control

Kilo / Whiskey / One / Delta / Oscar / November – Net Logger 

Along with – November / One / November / Tango / Mike – Will be checking in 

But that’s not all we have in mind Lol, stop by and join us it will be a fun filled night  

Below is just a hint, you’ll see lol, team PAWA, we try things others only think about but we make it work

And most of all we have fun


The only thing I can say is keep an eye on that tent

Talk to you soon My Friends
Mike – N1NTM
Pilgrim Amateur Wireless Association 

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