Photos By PAWA Team Member WX1USN, Jeff M31 Andromeda

 Pilgrim Amateur Wireless Association 

From: Team Member Jeffrey Padell 

Subject: Re: M31 Andromeda

Jeff Padell WX1USN
I decided while I had nothing to do this afternoon to process some data I got from the Subscription scope “Telescope Live” from their scope in Spain.
I ran it through Pixinsight, there were about 50 files each 50 gig.  I did minimal changes to the processing script and it took 2 hours processing with a very fast PC before it failed.  I saved the file it had gotten and tweaked it in Lightroom.
     I am trying to the files again without doing extra processing until the end and we will see if it is still 2 hours to process.
Anyhow here is my first try at M31
  M31 20240514-1-2.jpg
I tried the processing again still 2 hours but I think I might have come out slightly better
M31 2nd run-1-2.jpg

Sent By Mike – N1NTM

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