New PAWA Friday Night 2 Meter Net – Game On June 7th, Everyone Is Welcome To Join Us And Just Have Fun

Pilgrim Amateur Wireless Association


PAWA Friday Night 2 Meter Net

New Topic / Game On, A Night Of Fun With Ham Radio Abbreviations 

Location – 147.135mhz KA1GG Club Repeater To Start The Net And Take Check In’s

Then QSY To – 146.775mhz NA1R West Bridgewater Repeater To Begin The Night

Date – June 7th / Time – 7:00pm

N1NTM, Mike – Net Control

N1DGK, Dan – On This Day

KC1BEK, Gil – Words Of Wisdom

Hi Everyone 

For this net lets have some fun with ham radio abbreviations, so I will read a definition and will be asking 
For the abbreviation

Example – Definition – (Audio Frequency) / Abbreviation – AF / Alpha Foxtrot  
So these are just ham radio terms that we can have some fun with, I will have other details during the net, no worries  

For a Bonus Question – Fill In The Blank – Here We Go 

By definition a hobby typically involves———————————-  or developing a ———————————–

These are all new fun things that we are trying as we go forward, and there are many more to follow
A Big Thank you to all of you team PAWA and friends

But we are not finished yet – One more thing, lol now for the trivia photo pick  

In the photo above not so long ago the peddles in cars and trucks looked like this 
So from right to left can you name the switches and peddles / Their propose 
In vehicles of today the switches are in a different location as we know, lets so what we can come up with
For answers, this will be fun   

Thanks again, my friends, and by the way I will be at another mystery location 
Talk to you soon, lets keep the air waves busy and enjoy our hobby’s that involves creating —————-
Oh my is  that part of the bonus question above, lol it just maybe

73, Talk to you soon
Mike, N1NTM
PAWA Net Coordinator
Pilgrim Amateur Wireless Association   

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