Summits On The Air Activation June,8th On Oak Hill Mountain, By PAWA Team Member KC1NDQ, Fran

Pilgrim Amateur Wireless Association 

Hi Everyone 
I activated my second SOTA summit today, Oak Hill Mountain and it was eventful. Thanks club members Frank/W1FIC, Matt/W7AAF, and Wendy/KC1TLT for the contacts. I was able to put 13 contacts in the log before a shower had me scrambling to put the gear away. Notable was 5 summit to summits including 3 on CW! Those included Bob/AC1Z, Paul/N1ZF, Fred/WX1S, Eric/VA2EO and our energiz er bunny Bob/WC1N. I hope he was as excited about our CW S2S as I was!!! I met some wonderful hams that are real SOTA fanatics. Our friend Jonathan/KC1MXB was there and although I wasn’t able to work him from a summit I did get in his SOTA log on a couple of his many activations on 2m simplex. Can’t wait to do it again 73 and SOTA on. de KC1NDQ

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