PAWA Field Day Set Up Assembling The Hex Beam

Pilgrim Amateur Wireless Association / Team PAWA Photos

Field Day 2024, Swansea Fire Station #4

A New Adventure Going Forward

Setting Up The Hex Beam 

Hi Everyone 

This was the start of the weekend and an awesome one it was, working with team PAWA and friends
Always learning something new from our mentors who are showing us the way so we can teach others 
To enjoy our club members friends, as we get together to get on the air work the bands, but most all just have fun

Descriptions are under each photo / Hold on my friends here we go and there’s more to follow 

KC1JMZ, Ted / Putting the tripod in place                                            WC1N, Bob / K1KOS, Sheldon, ready to lend a hand 

Image                         Image
K1OFO, Joe / WC1N, Bob / KC1JMZ                                                     K1OFO, Joe / KC1NDQ, Fran / KC1JMZ, Ted starting  
Putting the pipe in place and ready for the hex beam                     The hex beam build, hoping to beat the rain

Image                         Image
K1OFO, Joe / KC1JMZ, Ted / KC1NDQ, Fran                          N1DGK, Dan / K1KOS, Sheldon, ready for the 
Starting to assemble the elements                                           Step as the hex beam starts to take shape 
   K1KOS, Sheldon / N1DGK, Dan looking on                       Donna / N1DGK, Dan watching for the hex beams
   Things come together                                                                   To the lift to be put into place and on the air 

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