PAWA New Field Day Update For Saturday June 22nd


Pilgrim Amateur Wireless Association 

From Our PAWA Club Officers

Club President – KC1NDQ, Fran Kelly / Vice President / Secretary  Mike Nye / Treasurer – W1WCF, Walter Fitzgerald 

The PAWA should be proud of our success at the 2024 ARRL Field Day. 

You couldn’t possibly have participated and not  learned a little something…either about amateur radio or yourself or both.

There was antenna installation and antenna building from scratch. There was computer logging on the fly for those who usually use pad and paper. There were members making their first Field Day contacts and first CW or FT-8 contacts. There were new members and old members working together as a group seamlessly. 

And a huge thanks to Joe, K1OFO. It’s his commitment to Field Day that is the driving force behind our success. Very cool for him to get to brag about our success to his friends in Puerto Rico! 

1400+ total contacts with almost 1000 SSB, 151 CW and the balance FT-8. 1850+ total points! 
 We had contacts on 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 and 2 meters. We had multiple contacts in every US state and almost every Canadian Province but also contacts in Fiji, New Zealand, England, Scotland, the Azores, Ukraine and I believe Italy. 

Like Bob, WC1N likes to say “we don’t just talk about ham radio we do ham radio!”


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