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Pilgrim Amateur Wireless Association 

PAWA New Parks On The Air Hunter Award – Acacia Koaia

For – Team Member – KC1QDZ – Jim

Date – February 10th

The climb gets ever more challenging (but ever more fun, too!) Thanks to all fellow activators out there – on to 4,000, I guess! 73 from KC1QDZ
 May be an image of text that says 'Acacia Koaia POTA ALE PARKS That Jim Garman KC1QDZ has submitted proofof 3500 unique reference areas in the Parks on the Air program, this certificate is hereby presented recognition ofthis outstanding achievement. 3500 Hunter Award DS Jason Johnston, JasonJotston,W3AAX,PTACordnator W3AAX, POTA Coordinator 02/10/2024 Date'Jim KC1QDZ

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